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Rent a Car for Halloween in Cluj Napoca

2019-10-24 10:29:11 Author: Rodna Rent a Car
Rent a Car for Halloween in Cluj Napoca

     Cluj Napoca and Rodna rent a car is preparing itself for Halloween, the October 31 date became known in Romania as the day of Halloween or " The celebration of all Saints".

     If you find yourself in Cluj Napoca as a tourist or for business work then Rodna rent a car has you covered with a wide range of cars which can be rented fast from Avram Iancu International Airport Cluj Napoca or from our offices around the city.

     The Halloween holiday is of Celtic origin being introduced to other countries by irish immigrants of the United States of America. The Celts believed that on October 31 spirits were in communication with the living and descending to earth. People disguised themselves as monsters and went out into the streets to make a lot of noise and thus, they believed, frightened evil spirits.

     Romanians have partly borrowed this Halloween holiday, in the sense that it doesn't exactly respect the original traditions. For us, Halloween is an opportunity for play and carnival that helps us get forget of everyday problems and worries. Around Halloween our stores have a lot of specific items for this holiday: masks, costumes, posters for childrens and adults. In the kitchens the housewives prepare all kinds of pumpkin pies or bold and frightening preparations. We don't really know the meaning of Halloween, but we enjoy whatever reason brings us the oppurtunity to celebrate. The most gained from this holiday are the children, who are put to work pumping pumpkins and who receive attention.

     For the past few years in the USA the Halloween holiday has lost its religious character, even in traditions. Halloween superstitions were also forgotten.


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