Phone Bookings: +4 0741 217 166
Rent a car in Cluj-Napoca! Schedule: Monday - Sunday = 08:00 - 20:00

Rent a car airport Cluj Napoca

Rodna Rent a car Office is in airport Cluj-Napoca

Our Cluj Napoca car rental airport office is located in the arrival terminal, across the street from the internal arrivals door which will contribute positively to your experience  of  renting a car in at Cluj-Napoca Airport. Thus, we assure you that the efficiency and simplicity of our rental procedures will create a pleasant experience for you.

Working hours: 
 No extra fees are charged in case of schedule non-compliance. 

For renting a car at Cluj-Napoca Airport you need:
» Identity Document
» Driving Licence
» Credit Card

All documents must be valid! You need to be at least 23 years old and have your driving licence for a least 3 years. Please note that the reserved model may not be always available at the time of your rental. In this case we will provide you with another similar car from the same class. The minimum period for renting a car is one day (24 hours) and the payment is based on how many days you will rent the car.

Dropping off the rented car:
» The car must be brought with the full tank and the receipt from the last tank is kept
» Please keep the parking ticket from the airport parking