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Terms and conditions


Art. 1: The car is rented only to clients who own a national or international valid car license for 3 years old, and the clients’ age must be at least 23 years.

Art. 2: The necessary papers for renting a car are:
2.1: originals: driving license and passport or identity card;
2.2: the proof of the payment, given by the Company

Art. 3.1 The payment of the costs for renting will be calculated in RON or EURO, after the daily exchange rate posted by National Bank of Roumania – BNR.
Art. 3.2 The proof of that payment can be made only with the invoice given by the Company.

Art. 4.1 When renting, the client it’s obligated to depose a guarantee suitable for the rented class of the car, accordingly to the list of prizes posted and the cost for the car renting itself.
Art. 4.2 The responsibility it`s necessary for covering the possible damaging to the car by driver`s fault
Art. 4.3 The total amount of the responsibility will be returned if the car is brought back to the owner at time settled in the contract, with all the objects in the inventory, without any damage inside or outside the car, or other damage that is not covered by the responsibility which appeared during the period of the contract.

Art. 5 Client’s responsibility in case of an accident, loosing of the objects from the inventory or of other goods from in or outside the rented car, all of these are under the limit of the responsibility given at the location, only if the damages are in the limit of insurance.

Art. 6 The renting payment includes
Art. 6.1: Limit of 350 km/day, VAT, RCA, rovigneta, Casco insurance;
Art. 6.2: The replacement of the car if it is out of order, excepting the cases in which it’s the driver’s fault;
Art. 6.3: Daily Periodic revisions and maintenance of the car;
Art. 6.4: The Non Stop number for assistance: +40 741 217 166.
Art. 6.5: Exceeding the limit of 350 km/day will be charged with 0.1 EUR/km + VAT.

Art. 7 The renting payment does not include
Art. 7.1: Fuel, the passing taxes, garage, transshipment of the car;
Art. 7.2: Assurance for the clients and baggage’s in the car.
Art. 7.3: Fines due to violations of law by the customer.

Art. 8 Other payments practiced in the next situations
Art. 8.1: Tax for child seat: 3 EUR/ day + VAT; tax for snow chains: 3 EUR/ day + VAT; tax for GPS: 3 EUR/ day + VAT
Art. 8.2: The request of a driver for a period smaller or equal then 8h/day it’s rated with 20 EUR/day;
Art. 8.3: The request of a driver for a period bigger then 8h/zi it’s rated with 30 EUR/day plus the taxes for accommodation and meals;
Art. 8.4: The collection of the car from a different location then the renting one will be charged with: 0.4 EURO/km+VAT for: dacia logan, dacia mcv, fiesta, vw polo, fiesta, fusion, focus, skoda octavia, opel astra, opel astra j, vw golf 6; and 0.5 EUR/km+VAT for: minibus, 4×4, SUV, sedan (ex. Vw passat, audi a4, mercedes c200, bmw X3, bmw320d,  audi Q5, fiat ducato, bmw x5)

Art. 8.5: The tax for the fuel difference between the quantity given at the moment of the renting and assumed at the closing of the contract is 2 Euro/ liter + VAT;
Art. 8.6: Exceeding time for returning the car with more than 2 hours, for reason not due to the company RODNA TRANS SRL, will be charged with one day of renting, according to the contract.
Art. 8.7: For the absence or deteriorating things from the inventory, mentioned in the contract, the Company is reserving its right to retain a part from the responsibility given at renting;
Art. 8.8:  Stationary for more than one hour in Airport`s parking lot from the time and date agreed, when returning the car, will be paid by the customer;
Art. 8.9: Rental rates above are applicable for renting in Romania. Renting the car outside the country will be additionally charged with 10 EUR/day + VAT and it is required a minimum 3 days of car rental;
Art. 8.10: Renting the car less than 3 days will not include discounts.

Art. 9 The client has the next obligations:
9.1: To pay the equivalent of the renting period and the deposit requested when the car is rented; 9.2: To keep the car in a proper technical condition, according to the initial state when the car was rented;
9.3: To know and comply with applicable traffic laws;
9.4: To use the rented car only on the public roads;
9.5: To assure the rented car properly against the theft or accidents;
9.6: Not to transport passengers for a certain payment or other material repayments;
9.7: To not use the rented car for motor races, legal, illegal or other trainings;
9.8: Not to tow other vehicles;
9.9: Not to damage the underside of the rented car by negligence or action;
9.10: To request written mandate for getting out of the country with the rented car, with at least 48 hours before the scheduled date for leaving;
9.11: Not to cross the border in other countries without written mandate from Rodna Trans SRL; it is illegal if to leave Romania’s territory without a mandate from the company and the client will be fully responsible for the damages in case of an accident, theft or outgoings for sending the car back in the country;
9.12: To respect the range given in the mandate;
9.13: Not to give or to sub-rent the car to other person
9.14: To stop driving and to notify the representatives of the company Rodna Trans SRL at NON STOP phone number +40741217166, in case of detecting issues or signs of malfunction of the car and the road safety conditions;
9.15: To not ndertake any repairs to the car without the written mandate from the representatives of the company RODNA TRANS SRL, the amount paid by the client for maintenance or technical revisions or for some repairs that are not attributable, is compensated by RODNA TRANS SRL, based on documents that certifies the making of the repairs; the invoice and the receipt with company details;

9.16: Not to cause damages to the exterior or interior of the car, or wheels, intentionally or unintentionally, by improper use of these;

9.17: To return the rented car at the date, time and location settled in the contract; the extension can be done only with the written approval from the representatives of the company Rodna Trans SRL; using of the car more than it appears on the contract, without written mandate, will be interpreted as an illegal act of misappropriation of property and it will be punishable under the laws in force.

9.18: Returning the car will be in a state that allows the employee to inspect the exterior of the car, otherwise the company employee has the right to refuse the refund of the guarantee until the car is clean, this will be noted in the rental agreement and proved with photos. The guarantee will be returned to the person or in the account specified by the customer.
Art.10 Not obeying the obligations mentioned here brings the cessation of the insurance and liability for the damages comes to the customer, including the unrealized income during the immobilization period of the rented car.
Art.11 In case of an accident the client is obliged:
11.1: To take all the measures to limit the damages;
11.2: To notify the nearest police authority, in the region where the accident took place, in order to establish the accident and for making the legal forms within 48 hours from the event; to announce the company`s representatives at NON STOP assistance number +40741217166, within 2 hours from the accident;
11.3: To comply with the road rules concerning running from the place of the accident;
11.4: To obtain a copy of his ID and driving license of the person implicated in the event and also a written declaration and a copy of RCA insurance;
11.5: To obtain the repair authorization from the competent authorities .

Art.12 This present contract is an enforceable and the customer expressly and irrevocably acepts to return the car back to the Company without any notice or trial.

Art.13 Any dispute stemmed form this contract or in connection therewith, including validity, interpretation, execution or termination, shall be settled amicably and in advance, otherwise the dispute will be solved by the courts of law from Cluj-Napoca.

Art.14 Always, the litigation and dispute will be resolved according to the Romanian laws.

Art.15 SC RODNA TRANS SRL retains the right to recover from user or customer the compensation beyond the guarantee damage, in situations where the client or user violates the obligations of this contract, in accordance with applicable laws.
Art.16 By signing this contract, the client acknowledges that he had read, understood and agree to comply these terms and conditions as a part of the rental contract.